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Suter BMW MotoGP CRT

In 1996 Suter Racing Products started with the development of the Suter Racing Clutch System. The activities were gradually extended to other products, such as high-performance engines, motorcycles and various components, and further consolidated through cooperations and technology partnerships with well-known companies such as Kawasaki or Aprilia. In 2010, Suter Racing won the Moto2 constructors world championship and went on to successfully defend the title in 2011 and 2012. In 2015, Suter Racing launched a four-cylinder two-stroke racing machine with the worldwide exclusive Suter500, which was developed completely in-house.


Experience a part of MotoGP racing history!

The Suter-MMX2 is a prototype racebike completely developed for the Moto2 world championship. It is a result of our successful engagement in the Moto2 Championship, which culminated in 3 constructors World Championships in a row from 2010 – 2012. In addition to this, Marc Márquez won the World Championship title in 2012.


Our tribute to the legendary
2-stroke Racing champions

– the Suter MMX 500 is an exclusive racing motorcycle, enhanced by its strictly limited edition status. Developed and produced by our racing division, this technical masterpiece is built with skilful hands for appreciating hearts.

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