SuterClutch KTM 790/890 USED

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The BTL (Back Torque Limiter) SuterClutch was specifically developed to improve lap times while reducing the physical effort required by the rider. It can be simply and easily adjusted to different conditions and rider styles. It reduces the strain on all components including the gearbox, prevents over-revving of the engine and maximizes the suspension performance.

The SuterClutch precisely controls all aspects of engine braking, massively improving the stability of the bike. This results in stable late braking, precise corner entry and optimal corner exit speed.

BTL-Line Benefits For Race, Road & MX:

  • Antihopping technology improves the performance of your bike
  • Produces a greatly softened braking phase
  • Allows faster lap times
  • Higher corner speed
  • Less stress on gearbox
  • Quick to install without special tools
  • Fully adjustable to personal riding style
  • All billet machined parts with Teflon anodising coating
  • Extremely wear resistant, guaranteed longer lifetime

Special Benefits Race & Road:

  • More precise corner entry
  • Fits any track layout and grip level

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